Sea Beans – recent finds


An enthusiastic collector of beach and underwater curiosities, I will never pass up a chance to hunt for sea beans. On dive cruises I’ve even been known to skip a dive to catch a ride to a deserted shore for an hour or two of beachcombing.




We stopped off in North Sulawesi recently to spend a few days with dear friends, Jim and Cary Yanny, co-owners of Eco Divers in North Sulawesi.  It was Cary’s birthday and she decided we would begin the day at PoPo, the local beach, walking the dogs and looking for mudskippers (yes, I know they are gobies.) While the dogs ran, Cary, Jim and Ned practiced sneaking up on the colony of  mudskippers that live where the river drains onto the beach. I shuffled through the wrack and scored with a handful of assorted seeds.