On the Road: Blue Heron Bridge Dives

Big Night Out at the Blue Heron Bridge (photo courtesy Anne Dupont)

Since this summer’s launch of Blenny Week, we have been on the go! Some planned and several unforeseen (but necessary) road trips have kept us running. Three short trips were all we could manage to Riviera Beach’s famous Blue Heron Bridge.  We owe much of our success there to the local crowd, known to some as the Mucksters (a subset of whom are also known as the Ladies of the Muck), who dive the area every week and share their finds by photo and e-mail.

The park isn’t open to shore diving at night, so we charter a boat for at least one night dive. We can usually count on the regular cast of characters like animated Seaweed blennies and several species of searobins, but the unexpected finds, like the juvenile Short Bigeye and tiny Bumble Bee Shrimp are what keep us returning.