From the Archives: Humann Turns Fishh

In 1995, our good friends, Patricia and Richard Collins, published Volume 2 of Sort of Diver, A Sport Diving Lampoon. It was a pretty funny send-up of the dive magazines of the day, complete with advertisements for indispensable products like Camel Spit Defog and articles like “In-depth Buyer’s Guide to Snorkel Holders.” We spent many hilarious evenings around the dinner table at Paul Humann’s house listening to their latest ideas for SOD. We were all invited to participate and nothing and no one, as you will see below, was off limits. Seventeen years later, not everything would be PC, but a lot of it is still funny. Patti and Richie gave me permission to reprint some of my favorites from the publication and I started last year with their “Make Your Own Equipment.”  This was pre-PDF, so I’ve scanned the pages. Here, from the 1995 Sort of Diver archives, I give you my contribution, “Humann Turns Fishh”  (this post was Paul-approved):