Blennywatcher Free Online Webinar

Rhinoceros triplefin by Ned DeLoach
Capturing video of this Helcogramma rhinoceros (Rhinoceros Triplefin) drove me nuts!

Blenny Watcher is back after a hiatus – With the help of family and friends, I have been caring for my 81-year old mother, who had spinal surgery to repair damage caused by a serious fall. An inspiration to us all, she is preparing to resume teaching her art classes next month and has shooed me off to get back to my own work. Although I do not possess her artistic abilities, I did inherit her overexcitable sense of curiosity, which has served me well over the years, even if it has driven others around me a bit nuts at times!

While I get caught up around here, you are invited to sign up for our free online Blennywatcher Fishinar, sponsored by REEF ( On July 31 at 8:00 p.m., ET, we will be talking blennies – everything from Blenny 101 basics to fun behaviors we’ve observed. REEF’s Fishinars, a.k.a. webinars, are open to divers, snorkelers and devout landlubbers alike. Anyone wanting to learn more about blennies is welcome. This is fishy fun in the comfort of your own home and a microphone or webcam is not needed in order to participate.

Participation is a simple process: Although the Fishinars are free, you must join REEF (membership is also free) to be able to register. Use your REEF member number to register for the Fishinar. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation with details about how to join the Fishinar on July 31.

The photo above is a sneak peek at one of the blennies we’ll be talking about next week: This outrageous little fish is the Rhinoceros Triplefin (Helcogramma rhinoceros), one of the more dramatic of the Tripterygiidae family. Ned was able to capture the male with its lovely blue and black courtship color in a still photograph but video was almost impossible because as soon as I approached, the wary fish would change almost instantaneously to a drab brown – maddening, but fun to watch. Hope you’ll join us online next week for more blenny fun!