Longhorn Blenny Hunt

Longhorn Blenny by Ned DeLoach BlennyWatcher.com
WooHoo! Longhorn Blenny at last!

Bonaire, September 2012 ~ A new species for our life lists but the Longhorn Blenny images did not come easily. Ned describes our adventure in the latest post about our September stay with Buddy Dive in Bonaire over on our travel journal: marinelifeblog.com but I just had to share another super close-up blenny face here: (video at the end of this post)

Longhorn Blenny face Ned DeLoach BlennyWatcher.com
Check out the cirri!

Longhorn Blennies (Hypsoblennius exstochilus) are in the family Blenniidae (Combtooth blennies.) They prefer shallow, surgy habitats in the Bahamas and Caribbean so the place to see them on Bonaire is the East (Wild) side. You have to pick your day to dive that side of the island and we recommend hiring a guide the first time you go. For those of you who know Bas Tol take note that he actually made a 90-minute dive without his lionfish removal equipment – he was equally amazed that we dived 90 minutes without ever leaving the channel.