Team Blenny

Blennies of Bonaire
Some of the blennies we saw in 2013 on Bonaire

Team Blenny is on the job in Bonaire – check out the results of last year’s hunt on our newly created Bonaire Blenny Page. There are photos and hand-drawn maps with info about where we found them last year. “Like” us on our Blennywatcher Facebook page for updates about our 2014 finds.

Bonaire is a super place for fishwatching because so many different habitats are accessible as shore dives, giving divers the freedom to dive wherever (well, almost), whenever and for as long as we want. Last year, we launched the Bonaire Blenny Challenge – originally a challenge to ourselves, but as others joined, the talk at Buddy Dive became all blennies, all the time. And look! The bar and restaurant have a new name and menu. w00t!

Blennies Bar and Restaurant at Buddy Dive Bonaire
Look! Buddy Dive Resort’s bar and restaurant makeover.