Painted frogfish, Antennarius pictus poop, Revenge of the Frogfish 3

Revenge of the Frogfish

November 25, 2017

The principal of this piece is the most photographed frogfish living in the land of frogfish—Lembeh Strait, Indonesia. She’s a large, pregnant Painted Frogfish, the size of a grapefruit, that happens to be white—an unusual and conspicuous coloring for a typically unobtrusive lie-in-wait predator. Making the reluctant luminary even more obvious, she picked a perch high on the mooring line where everybody in the Strait with a camera can easily find her. Adding a splendid touch to the already remarkable … Read more Revenge of the Frogfish

Lizardfish & goby The Great Escape...Sometimes

The Great Escape … Sometimes

November 9, 2017

Lembeh Strait, Indonesia ~ Chances are if you’re going to see a fish eat another fish, the assailant will turn out to be a lizardfish. These missile-shaped, lie-in-wait predators typically perch on the bottom with their primitive tooth-lined jaws aimed in the direction of a busy aggregation of potential prey, such as damselfish. And there they rest as still as stones waiting for an opportune moment to strike. If all goes right, a rocket attack ends with a bite-sized victim … Read more The Great Escape … Sometimes

Pinufius rebus nudibranch - Sea Slug Day 2017

Happy Sea Slug Day 2017

October 29, 2017

October 29 ~ Happy Sea Slug Day 2017!  It is no accident that Sea Slug Day coincides with the birthday of nudibranch expert, Dr Terry Gosliner, Senior Curator at the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology of the California Academy of Sciences. It is a day to celebrate these beautiful animals and honor the scientist who has documented so many of them. My celebration offering is one of our favorite sea slug observations from Lembeh Strait, Indonesia: several Pinufius rebus, … Read more Happy Sea Slug Day 2017

Yan & blenny - The Reluctant Blenny Hunters

The Reluctant Blenny Hunters

August 27, 2017

Indonesia, May 2017 ~ Ned and Yan were reluctant blenny hunters for sure. Janet Eyre and I informed them that we were changing the afternoon dive plan. We wanted to skip the reef and have the boat drop us near the shore, at the base of an old lava flow, instead. Janet was surveying fish for REEF and I was hunting for blennies. We were on a roll, having added the Sulu Blenny (Meiacanthus abditus) to our life lists just … Read more The Reluctant Blenny Hunters

Adelotremus deloachi from Bali

Adelotremus deloachi, a New Fangblenny from Indonesia

May 5, 2017

Meet Adelotremus deloachi, a new fangblenny from Indonesia. Named after my husband and co-founder of this blog, Ned DeLoach, who first brought this fish to the attention of scientists in April 2012. It is only the second species in the genus Adelotremus, a genus that was first described in early 2012 with the discovery of the Red Sea species, Adelotremus leptus.  Adelos comes from Greek for “concealed” and trema for “hole”. Also known as sabertooth blennies, the six fangblenny genera are … Read more Adelotremus deloachi, a New Fangblenny from Indonesia

Tasmanian Blenny from Here's a Blenny for Your Day

A Blenny for Your Day

April 21, 2017

April 2017 ~ Happy Friday. Here’s a blenny for your day.  I haven’t been online for a while – work here on the home front has kept us preoccupied, hence the paucity of posts. Plus, I’ve been self-exiled from social media but I guess it’s time to check in and see all the fun I missed. So, back to the blenny… At the end of January, we bounded off to Australia to join friends for five weeks of diving and touring. This … Read more A Blenny for Your Day

Red Blenny, Parablennius ruber - Blennywatcher's 2016 Review

BlennyWatcher’s 2016 Review

January 21, 2017

BlennyWatcher’s 2016 Review: We didn’t post as much here last year as we would have liked though as diving goes, 2016 was a pretty good year. We added quite a few species to our life lists (including a blenny or two) and in our continued commitment to making at least one dive trip a year that is out of our comfort zone, we ventured into the cold water in the Azores. That led to a new experience – dry suit … Read more BlennyWatcher’s 2016 Review

Happy Halloween Decorator crab by Ned DeLoach

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2016

  Happy Halloween! A decorator crab, Spiny Devilfish, fangblenny and a toothy eel -here are a few “spooky” animals for your Monday morning. The little decorator crab from Pantar, Indonesia, is all dressed up with something, but we’re not sure what. Decorator crabs disguise themselves by plucking bits of algae, sponge or other living things and attaching them to little velcro-like spines all over their shells. Ned saw this one as it staggered across the sand. Every once in a while it would … Read more Happy Halloween!

Thecacera mating - Happy Sea Slug Day

Happy Sea Slug Day 2016!

October 29, 2016

October 29, 2016 ~ Happy Sea Slug Day 2016!  A day to honor some of our favorite inverts that coincides (not accidentally) with the birthday of nudibranch expert, Dr. Terry Gosliner. Search on “Sea Slug Day” or  Twitter #seaslugday2016 for more offerings from around the net. Spots, stripes and sex! My offering is video of three nudibranchs from Anilao in the Philippines that were new to me. The two Thecacera species were pointed out by our guide, Kim Manzano. The … Read more Happy Sea Slug Day 2016!

Cirripectes auritus: Now I Know How the Eared Blenny Got Its Name

How the Eared Blenny Got Its Name

October 21, 2016

October 2016 ~ Now I know how the Eared Blenny got its name!  I can’t think of a better way to restart the Blenny Watcher Blog than to share one of my favorite blenny pictures of the year, taken by Ned during our April trip to Triton Bay, Indonesia. While scrolling through Ned’s underwater images from this year’s dives, I found this image of an Eared Blenny, Cirripectes auritus. The Eared Blenny is often described as having a dark spot on … Read more How the Eared Blenny Got Its Name