Natural History

Rhinoceros triplefin by Ned DeLoach

Blennywatcher Free Online Webinar

July 25, 2012

Blenny Watcher is back after a hiatus – With the help of family and friends, I have been caring for my 81-year old mother, who had spinal surgery to repair damage caused by a serious fall. An inspiration to us all, she is preparing to resume teaching her art classes next month and has shooed me off to get back to my own work. Although I do not possess her artistic abilities, I did inherit her overexcitable sense of curiosity, … Read more

Ghosts of Indonesia

March 14, 2012

  From the Archives: Anyone who has attended one of Ned’s talks about Indonesia has heard the tale of Alfred Russel Wallace, who is today considered one of the most renowned field biologists of all time and the father of biogeography. In 1858, after weathering a bout of malaria while on Ternate, he wrote, “On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely From the Original Type.”  Wallace’s story and the chain of events set into place by his paper are chronicled … Read more

Hatching Sea Turtles

February 23, 2012

  August 2007, Bonaire – We had just arrived on the island when the call came from our dear friend TC Panecaldo. She knew we had just checked into Buddy Dive, our home for the next five weeks, but would we like to see hatching turtles? A friend from Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire was monitoring a nest and was willing to let us ride over to Klein Bonaire but we would have to leave right away to make it in … Read more

Sea Beans – recent finds

July 31, 2011

  An enthusiastic collector of beach and underwater curiosities, I will never pass up a chance to hunt for sea beans. On dive cruises I’ve even been known to skip a dive to catch a ride to a deserted shore for an hour or two of beachcombing.       We stopped off in North Sulawesi recently to spend a few days with dear friends, Jim and Cary Yanny, co-owners of Eco Divers in North Sulawesi.  It was Cary’s birthday … Read more