Smithsonian's National Zoo Invertebrate Exhibit

Smithsonian’s National Zoo Invertebrate Exhibit Closes

June 26, 2014

We love invertebrates – animals without backbones – from the prickly, squiggly and heebie-jeebie-inducing to the colorful, intricately evolved and delicate. Above and below sea level, they make up over 95 percent of Earth’s species. The title of this blog features a fish, but invertebrate sightings – cuttlefish, octopuses, corals, worms, nudibranchs – are often the highlights of our dives. Last week, when the news arrived that the Smithsonian’s National Zoo Invertebrate Exhibit was closing, we were shocked and saddened. … Read more

Melibe from Ambon Ned DeLoach

Another Melibe!

July 1, 2013

Ambon, Indonesia, April 2013 ~ I don’t know what made me touch the little piece of tufted algae – At that moment, I should have been concerned with surfacing and getting myself back to the tender waiting off the beach in the raging rainstorm that had started up while we were diving. But touch it I did and with a jerk, it bolted up off the bottom and started writhing through the water. It was a Melibe nudibranch and one … Read more

Spawning echinoderms: Crinoid

Spawning Echinoderms

February 22, 2013

February, 2013 ~ While cataloging video from several dive trips to Indonesia I realized that quite a few of our observations of spawning echinoderms are from the same area (and site, in some cases) but different seasons and moon phase (video at the end of this post). In the Caribbean, where we have had the opportunity to dive during the annual coral spawn almost every year for the past fifteen, echinoderms (a phylum that includes sea stars, brittle stars and … Read more

Siphopteron Ned DeLoach Blenny Watcher Blog

Lembeh Fish & Critter Hunt – Week One

June 16, 2012

June 2012 ~ We are blogging from the center of Lembeh Strait, Indonesia this week. When I say we are in the center of the Strait, that is where we are, literally – out on Eco Divers’ day boat, posting through the miracle of  Wi-Fi. This pinhead sized shrimp, photographed by Wendy McIlroy, exemplifies the reason we keep returning to Lembeh. Ned and I made our first dive here in 1999 and since, have made the 44-hour trip from our … Read more

Harlequin Shrimp Hymenocera elegans

Ambon: Colorful Muck

March 28, 2012

Ambon Indonesia, April 2011 – Dark, murky water; volcanic rubble; no coral – we have been working our way to this site since the start of our dive cruise that began near Batanta, Indonesia two weeks ago. The areas we visit so far have stunningly beautiful coral reefs – full of fish, but the critter hunter in me unapologetically waits for my real target: Ambon’s Laha Pier, a.k.a., the Twilight Zone. This site has been serving up exotic critters since … Read more

Circus of the Spineless #71

March 5, 2012

  The March edition of the Circus of the Spineless blog carnival is up and the Blennywatcher is pleased to be included. Head over to the Dragonfly Woman‘s site for a selection of of fun invert stuff: Circus of the Spineless # 71

Bonaire box jelly - Tamoya ohboya

Bonaire Banded Box Jelly – Tamoya ohboya

February 9, 2012

    St. Vincent – Oh boy! Another species for our life lists.  We recognized the pulsing creature as a jellyfish, but would not have known it was the jellyfish, had we not been alerted to its existence by Bud Gillan, a teaching colleague of Ned’s from years back. Bud, now teaching AP and Honors Biology in South Florida, had been tracking this species for nearly a decade. He showed us a photo of the then undescribed jellyfish when we met up … Read more

BlennyWatcher included in February’s Circus of the Spineless

February 7, 2012

  The BlennyWatcher is very pleased to be included in the February edition of  the Circus of the Spineless blog carnival. This latest edition is hosted over at Beasts in a Populous City, where a wonderfully diverse assortment of blog posts about invertebrates have been woven together for your reading enjoyment. This is the happening place to get a good armchair dose of spineless nature. Click over and enjoy.

Circus of the Spineless #69 is Up!

January 2, 2012

  The BlennyWatcher is very pleased to be included in the January 2012 edition of Circus of the Spineless hosted over at Wild About Ants. Check out this month’s collection of interesting posts about everything from butterflies to squid – Slugyard’s Cartoon Caterpillar is the coolest!

Invertebrate Fun: Emperor Shrimp

December 29, 2011

Cataloging long neglected video is a good way to fend off cabin fever. I relive dives and get some work done at the same time. I’m up to November 2008, Papua New Guinea – a rare day, with everything that for us, made the perfect dive: a shallow, mucky bay, with outflow from a river; warm water; no current – and – permission from the dive operator to stay down as long as we wanted! Unfortunately, the site had been ravaged … Read more