BlennyWatchers Live!

Spawning Peppermint Basslets - Ned DeLoach
Peppermint Basslets spawning at dusk

May 9, 2012 ~ Ned and I are very excited to be participating in REEF’s free online Fishinar series tonight. REEF, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, offers some wonderful outreach programs for scuba divers, snorkelers and fish enthusiasts but we think the Fishinars, a.k.a. webinars are the coolest yet. Tonight’s program, “Speed Dating Fishy Style: How Fish Spawn and When You’re Likely to Catch Them in the Act”, will highlight many of Ned’s unique fish behavior photographs. If you read this before 8pm, you can sign up on REEF’s Fishinar page which also has the schedule of future programs. Rumor has it that sometime this summer the BlennyWatcher will be conducting a Fishinar especially for blenny lovers. Since the platform we are using doesn’t easily accommodate video, I have assembled clips of some of the spawning behaviors and loaded the video on the BlennyWatcher YouTube channel.