Hypleurochilus springeri

Orangespotted Blenny by Ned DeLoach Bonaire Blennywatcher.com

Differences: Orangespotted vs. Tessellated Blenny

August 3, 2014

We’re heading to Bonaire soon and that means blenny hunting! In Ned’s photographs, enlarged on a computer screen, the differences between the Orangespotted Blenny, Hypleurochilus springeri and the Tessellated Blenny, Hypsoblennius invemar are obvious but unmagnified they looked very similar. Both can be found in the same habitat: empty barnacle shells or other small holes on dock pilings and always shallow, where even the gentlest surge makes it almost impossible to lock in and really get a good, long look … Read more

Medusa Blenny Acanthemblemaria medusa Ned DeLoach BlennyWatcher.com

Blenny Challenge Week 2

September 1, 2013

We just wrapped up week 2 of the Bonaire Blenny Challenge and we are on a roll! Following a suggestion from our friend, Bonaire naturalist Jerry Ligon, we visited his home reef, Bari and scored with an Orange-spotted Blenny, Hypleurochilus springeri. We first dived with Jerry on a REEF Field survey back in the ’90s and he is still one of the best sources on the island for fish and bird watching (check out his Biological Tours of Bonaire). On … Read more