invertebrate behavior

Carry crab with hydromedusa from Lembeh Ned DeLoach

Carry Crab Mystery

June 15, 2014

What is this Carry Crab carrying? It was a mystery to us for a week. The common name, carry crab (sometimes called carrier crab) applies to crabs in several families that disguise themselves by using modified back legs to grip things like, well, like just about anything. In previous posts, we showed photos and video of a crab carrying a sea pen, one carrying a banana peel and even a crab carrying a live nudibranch. I’ve circled the crab, in … Read more

Caribbean Reef Octopus, Octopus briareus

Night Prowler: Caribbean Reef Octopus

March 22, 2012

Seems like a good day to share some video of a beautiful creature: the Caribbean Reef Octopus, Octopus briareus. Because of its Houdinilike ability to rapidly alter its wealth of chromatophores (pigment-filled skin organs) into a moveable mosaic of delightful patterns coupled with the species’ acrobatic nature, we rank this fine fellow high on our list of favorites. Adding to its allure, the species is only found at night after it emerges from the reef to search for a dinner … Read more