undescribed goby

Pair of bryozoan gobies Ned DeLoach BlennyWatcher.com

A Bryozoan Goby and More!

May 27, 2013

Update April 2016 ~ The paper describing the little Bryozoan Goby was published this month in the Journal of Ocean Science.  It is  named Sueviota bryozophila. The paper by scientists, Gerald R. Allen, Mark V. Erdmann,  and N.K. Dita Cahyani, is titled “Sueviota bryozophila, a new species of coral-reef goby from Indonesia (Teleostei: Gobiidae)”, and is available online from the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.  With this goby, the genus Sueviota has five species. The Latinized species name, bryozophila, means bryozoan-loving.  Since we wrote about this … Read more

Fishwatching: An Undescribed Goby

November 20, 2011

It’s taking me twice as long as necessary to pull video for a project because other cool shots keep distracting me. I’m in the January 2006 archives and just ran across footage of a very tiny undescribed goby (calm down, we like all small fish – even gobies), a Callogobius sp. that I had forgotten all about. In Pictorial Guide to Indonesian Reef Fishes (Kuiter and Tonozuka), it is given the common name, Mini Mud-Goby. Known from Borneo and Indonesia … Read more