Lembeh Video

Tiny frogfish from BlennyWatcher.com
Frame capture from video: How tiny is this frogfish?

June 2012 ~ Our last two posts have been about our Fish & Critter Hunts in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, hosted by Eco Divers Resort, Lembeh. The Wi-Fi connection on the boat allowed me to post from the event but didn’t support the more resource intensive video upload, so those had to wait. I couldn’t include everything we saw, so went with some of my favorites, including a cool Melibe nudibranch, hatching Flamboyant cuttlefish, A very tiny frogfish, mating nudibranchs and one of my favorites, a Starry blenny. Here are the two videos, each about two minutes long that are loaded on our BlennyWatcher YouTube channel: